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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Charles Manson -thinking

look down on me you will see a fool....
look up at me and you will see your lord...
look straight at me you will see yourself

Charles Manson

There are many names synonymous with psycho, but none invoke people's emotions more than Charles Manson. Charlie has been the poster child for over 30 years for everything that is sick, and fucked up in society, yet he never killed one person.
For this very reason is why FX celebrates Manson. The ability to control others, have them believe you're jesus fucking christ, and commit rampage killings in your name is the ultimate. Man's Son, still king.

"The music speaks to you every day, but you are too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen to the music. It is not my conspiracy. It is not my music. I hear what it relates. It says, "Rise!" It says, "Kill!" Why blame it on me? I didn't write the music....."
Charles Manson 1970

What I'm about to get into here may seem far-fetched, and off the wall, but what follows remains a fact until this day.... There are many people that believe that The Beatles, either intentionally or not, was trying to make contact with Jesus Christ through their music, who they believed to be alive, on earth, living somewhere in California. Now, before you start emailing me, telling me how you could read almost anything into any song to get the out come you desire, know that this is not my beliefs. I really don't care much for The Beatles music. (don't email telling me I suck because I don't like the beatles) I have listened to The White Album "looking" for these interpretation's only because Manson himself said the music on these albums told him to kill. A lot of the interpretations could be considered racist. I am NOT a racist. (Don't email me white power or black panther mail.) Again, these are observations thru the eyes of Manson. I am not a christain. At the present time I believe only in myself and what knowledge I have obtained. I don't need email me trying to "save me". I'm not in any trouble that requires me to be saved.
In 1968 The Beatles released an untitled two disc album with nothing on the cover. Just a plain white cover. It contained not only some of their best work, and some of their most bizarre. Half way around the world in California, Charles Manson, a career criminal, who begged to remain locked up in prison, is released back into society. A little over a year later in 1969 seven dead bodies within two nights were found. Five the first night, two the following night. The only clues to go on is the words "Helter Skelter", "death to pigs", "arise", written on the wall in the victims blood. The word "war" was carved into one of the victims. Seven people, over 200 stab wounds, multiple gun shots, and beatings. Overkill in every sense of the word. A crime that shocked the world, and to most, it ended the summer of love on a sick note.

There is a few facts you must understand before we move on. Manson had formed a "family" of people, mostly young female run-aways and drop outs. Through music, drugs, and simply showing attention to a few lost souls Manson was able to build a following of outcast, unhappy, disconnected misfits enjoying being the focus of someone's attention. They were living in the desert on a abandoned movie ranch in Death Valley California. Manson believed himself to be jesus christ, returned to earth to save the chosen ones, The Family. Manson believed that there would be a huge race war between the blacks and the whites, and the only white people to survive this war would be the family (as told in the bible). They then (The Manson Family) would rise up out of the dessert and rule the world because as Manson said, "The black man needs a white man to tell him what to do".

Manson wrote, sung, played guitar on several of his own recordings in the hopes that he could make money and to futher his cause. He even hooked up with Dennis Wilson from the band Beach Boys and recorded a few songs. And in a strange turn of events, Dennis was indirectly responsible for Sharon Tate murder by the Manson Family". The Manson family was familiar with the Polanski house as Dennis had taken them their to visit his buddy Terry Melcher (Doris Day's son). Manson had expected Melcher to be there. However, Melcher had rented the house to Roman Polanski and Polanski 's wife Sharon Tate. On a even stranger note the Beach Boys actually recorded one of Charlie’s songs, on the 20/20 album. Charlie’s version was called Cease To Exist – and the group changed around the lyrics and renamed it Never Learn Not To Love. Dennis was once questioned about the integrity of recording that song, and he responded by saying that Charlie didn't want writing credit – he wanted cash. He’d stolen enough from Dennis that he felt just in recording the song, and not giving Manson any residuals.

With all these things in motion, along comes The Beatles White Album. Charles Manson thinks that The Beatles are talking to him through their music, reinforcing in Manson's mind that the world is about to erupt in a race war between the blacks and the whites. Charilie's music failing, the Family growing inpatient, Manson decides that he should help the race war begin by killing a few upper class white people and dumping some of their belongings in a all black neighborhood.

Wether any of these things are complete truths or not, the White LP, along with Manson believing himself to be Christ, one can't help but listen to the music and on more than a few songs laugh out loud as how Manson must have interpreted what he was hearing. On the following pages, I have all the lyrics to The Beatles White album. The songs appear in black text, and the way Manson would/did interpret them in red. A few of the interpretations was taken from the book Helter Skelter, but most is from me spending many hours listening the the White Album in an altered state.

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