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Monday, August 20, 2012

Famous Killers: Harold Frederick "Fred" Shipman aka Dr. Harold Shipman

His patients, especially older women - who lived alone and vulnerable. Worshiped their doctor, Harold “Fred” Shipman.
Even when his contemporaries began dying in unusually high numbers, patients remained loyal to the murderous MD
During spare time, he loved his victims to his doctor - to death.
No filmmaker can plan a grislier scene.
In the darkness of a black night of August, the incessant rains and driving winds was the perfect setting for an exhumation.
But it was the psychological thriller - Manchester police were watching a real life drama. The experts were collecting mud-streaked coffin of wealthy Kathleen Grundy.
Buried just 5 weeks earlier in the cemetery of Hyde, 81-year-old former mayor of Justice, in death, the key to solving nearly 400 murders. This would give the murderer of Dr. Harold Shipman, the dubious honor of being the greatest serial murderer the world has ever known.
She puts it well ahead of most prolific murderer in modern history of the series so far - Peter (“Monster of the Andes”) Lopez. Convicted of 57 murders in 1980, Lopez allegedly killed 300 children in Colombia.
Age 55, sailor, and is serving 15 consecutive life terms in Frankland Prison, County Durham, plus four years for forging the will of his last victim, Kathleen Grundy.
Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, still maintaining his innocence.
How could this prolific serial murderer undetected for so long? And what made him the monster he became? The answers lie in a story that began in earnest last fifty years - in a government-owned red brick terrace house in northern England.

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