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Monday, September 17, 2007

william suff

William Suff is California's latest serial killer. In 1974 Will and his then wife were convicted of beating their two-month-old daughter to death. Although he was sentenced to seventy years in the Big House he was out on parole by 1984. Too bad for the twelve or more prostitutes he subsequently raped, stabbed, strangled and sometimes mutilated in Riverside County. His alleged killing spree started in 1986. On January 9, 1993, he was arrested after a routine traffic stop.A Doctor Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde type, Suff worked as a government stock clerk who helped deliver the furniture for the task force investigating his killing spree. He liked to impersonate police officers and cooked a mean chili at office picnics. He was also writing a book about dogs that went berserk and started killing people. Furthermore, he enjoyed vanity plates and was an avid volunteer in the county's car-pooling program. All of this perhaps explaining his psychotic behavior. On July 19, 1995, Willie was found guilty of killing 12 prostitutes although police think that he might be responsible for up to 22 deaths. On November 1995, he was condemned to death and will probably car-pool to his execution.


JustJohnny said...

This guy is a peice of shit, he took my aunt that i never got to get to know, he deserves to die exactaly how he brutally murdered my aunt, one of the worst victims if not the worst.

rosario said...

william suff killed my little sister christina leal, left her 4 kids without a mother. god only knows how she suffered before she died. and how he tortured her. i cant believe he would kill her. they were such good friends. what got into this man?what was he thinking?yes this man deserves to die.also for killing all those poor women. Yes they might of all been prostitutes but they didnt deserve to die the way that they can he sleep at nite? OMG!doesnt this man have no remorse for what he did?