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Monday, July 6, 2015

Could the long Island serial killer and Ohio Killer be the same

Having read the Long island serial killer and Ohio serial killer profile, one may infer that both were killing prostitutes. 6 seems to be a number that is common in both the cases. perhaps a part of some satanic ritual where he is trying to complete 666, the devils number in different locations.

As I pointed out in my last article the killer is organized and it is a huge possibility that the killings in Ohio will stop. The point being if the above theory holds true then the killings will emerge in a town that happens to be the third point of the star.

Chances are he may emerge in Richmond, Virginia , closest town to the triangle. The police should keep a look out in Richmond. Already the list of women missing in Richmond is long so chances are he is already there.

Since he likes to kill women with children a few of the missing can be attributed to him. or perhaps Richmond was his second target, the burial ground yet to be discovered.

The point is he has completed the star and if he is trying to create a devils star then other towns falling on the cross- sections will be his domains next. since Ohio and Long island are only 10 hours by car he can drive in to the night and be there.

A significance or conclusion needs to be drawn if there is any correlation to the dates   of the killings. perhaps it is a moon less night so the cops need to study that. It is also important to note that the serial killer is disposing bodies in a similar fashion.

As per my conclusions the killer is the same and is indulged in some sadistic ritual that involves satanic practices. 

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