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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Smiley Face killer

Although many believe the Smiley Face Killer to be nothing more than an urban legend, the frightening number of young men drowning all over the USA has finally been noticed by the FBI. In each of the 200+ cases, a young man disappeared after a late night of partying, and was found drowned after a certain time. The Smiley Face theory came about when two retired NY detectives examined the evidence and found graffiti depicting the smiley face at many of the drowning sites. They then proposed that the nationwide drownings were not accidental, but rather the work of a serial killer. Investigations by other police forces have disputed this theory however, claiming that alcohol is the main culprit. Be that as it may, families and friends of the deceased have questions that nobody can answer, and until someone does, the death toll just keeps on climbing.

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