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Monday, July 6, 2015

The profile of Ohio Killer - inferred from the news

The Ohio serial killer is an organized serial killer. He is above intelligence and is not a resident of the city. Probably is a passer by and drives long distances. He picks up his victims after careful selection and ones that fit the bill ( mothers and addicts).

He is under the notion that these women are not going to be missed. a few of the victims have been reported as prostitutes and perhaps it is during the course of interaction, he ascertains if the victim is eligible. The police should question prostitutes in the area if some one has been asking if they were mothers of not.

He had a troubled childhood and perhaps his mother was also a crack addict and in his mind he is saving the children from the kind of abuse he went in his childhood. Probably spent growing up in foster care or on the streets.

he also comes across as a drug addict himself. However he is organised and disposes the bodies in an orderly fashion. Finding the bodies in the same vicinity means, he has easy access to the road nearby. He is in his mid forties and is charming enough to get women to go with him. He will be strong so as to carry the bodies.

He generally commits the crime soon after, he picks up the victim, since there are no marks found on the victims body ( An information i am not aware off)

He generally imagine he is killing his mother when he is doing the deed and perhaps that is the reason he picks up older women. He is indiscriminate about the color of the skin which indicates that his choice of victims  is based upon their being mothers  and addicts.

He is definitely not a resident of the city and passes through. If a time line can be established, it can be inferred that he must have been visiting at certain times of the year. Perhaps a long haul route can be chalked out marking which journeys take that long to complete and when he is next due in the city. keeping in mind he is doing it four times a year, chances are he is traveling a route which takes three months to finish or is midway.

There may be other victims in different states who have died under similar circumstances and there fore police should look for more bodies or find out about the same. He hasn't left any clues behind which means he is well prepared to dispose the body and knows where and when do to the same.

The police needs to be on a vigil once it is ascertained about the period of his next visit and look for some one who drives a truck or a minivan , is on a long trip , a crack addict and perhaps single.  He will be a average personality male Caucasian in his late 30's and early 40's. The biggest clue is to question prostitutes in the area about someone asking personal questions.

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