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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Acid Bath Murderer

John George Haigh (1909 – 1949), commonly known as the "Acid Bath Murderer", was an English serial killer during the 1940s. He was convicted of the murders of six people, although he claimed to have killed a total of nine, dissolving their bodies in concentrated sulphuric acid before forging papers in order to sell their possessions and collect substantial sums of money.

"In my dream I see befor
e me a forest of crucifixes which gradually turn into trees.
At first there appears to be dew or rain dripping from the branches,
but as I approach I realize it is blood.
Suddenly the whole forest begins to writhe.
The trees, stark and erect, ooze blood.
A man goes to each tree catching the blood in a cup.
When his cup is full he approaches me.
"Drink," he says. But I am unable to move."
America's Worst Serial Killer Ever The Story of Billy Gohl

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