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Monday, August 13, 2012

Most evil - book review by Micheal Dr. Stone

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Micheal Dr.stones relentless and compelling investigation, detailed in Most Evil, revolutionizes the way we think about some of the most brutal and previously unconnected murders in American history--and may change our understanding of serial killers altogether. he chases and profiles a serial killer whose signature is visible not in any single method of murder, type of victim, or specific killing ground, but rather as a series of complex arrangements, installations, and obscure references to art, culture and film, that, taken together, reveal a chilling and never-before-documented variety of serial murder: murder as a fine art. Among his crimes may be some of the most enduring and infamous murders of the last century, including Chicago's "Lipstick Murders" in 1945 Chicago, the "Jigsaw Murdered" in Manila, as well as the series of killings in California in the 1960's by the man who called himself Zodiac. 
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