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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Santa Strangler

The Santa Strangler, Adolph Laudenberg is a convicted murderer. In 2006 he was found guilty of the murder of Lois Petrie based largely on DNA evidence collected from a plastic foam coffee cup 30 years after she was found dead.

In 2008 the 2nd District Court of Appeals upheld the murder conviction, ruling that the coffee cup was admissible evidence. Laudenberg had no expectation of privacy because he had left the coffee cup on a table in a coffee shop.

After 30 years, Adolph confessed to both daughter-in-laws, that he had killed 4 women in the 70's by strangling them. Together they turned to the cold case detectives for help. 
America's Worst Serial Killer Ever The Story of Billy Gohl
With DNA saved for the first murder, Adolph is locked away for life.

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Anonymous said...

my name is ralph david pickard, lois guinadeen petrie was my mother, I was her only child, my dads name was herery ralph pickard, she had sisters, named jean novenski,