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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Old Lady Killer

Juana Barraza "The Old Lady Killer" is a Mexican professional wrestler and serial killer sentenced to 759 years in jail for killing eleven elderly women. The total number of the killer's victims is ranging from 24 to 49 deaths.

Barraza's mother was an alcoholic who reportedly exchanged her for three beers to a man who repeatedly raped her in his care, and by whom she became pregnant with a boy.

All of Barraza's victims were women aged 60 or over, most of whom lived alone. She bludgeoned or strangled her victims, and afterward would rob them. Officers investigating suspected that she posed as a government official offering the chance to sign up to welfare programs.

To the surprise of many Mexicans, who had supposed the killer to be male, the suspect detained was Juana Barraza, 48, a female wrestler known professionally as The Silent Lady. Witnesses at previous murder scenes had described a masculine-looking woman. Mexico City prosecutors said fingerprint evidence linked Barraza to at least 10 murders of the as many as 40 murders attributed to the killer.America's Worst Serial Killer Ever The Story of Billy Gohl

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