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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The true story of an America serial killer still at large

Pain: Mother of one of the victims
Pain: Mother of one of the victims
This chilling documentary unravels one of the worst serial killings in American history.
Over the last two years police have discovered 11 bodies dumped on a stretch of coast road in Long Island, New York.
The killer is still at large and the ­lackadaisical efforts of the local police,as described here, don’t exactly fill you with confidence that he will soon be caught – even though he telephoned one victim’s younger sister a total of eight times to describe what he had done.
At least four of the dead were sex workers who had advertised their services on the classified ad site Craigslist.
This film shows how the murders have brought to light the flourishing secret sex trade being carried on in the suburbs. In recent years, prostitution has gone underground, online and self-employed and that means there is zero protection for the women involved and no witnesses around when it all goes wrong.
The mothers, sisters and friends of some of those women tell what they knew of them until the moment they simply vanished.
In a night of TV viewing packed with crime stories from the factual to the fantastical, this is even grimmer than Grimm and weirder than Whitechapel.

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