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Monday, August 13, 2012

long island serial killer timeline

We have been following this story since December 2010 and are just as curious as you to find out who the killer is, and if these murders are the product of a serial killer. We hope that the killer is found soon so that Long Island residents can sleep easy.

Here is a timeline of the “serial killer” story:

It was on June 6, 2010 a young, single mother from Scarsborough, Maine was the next victim missing. The 22-year old Megan loved her three year old daughter, often showering her with attention and gifts.

Miss Waterman selected the wrong business to provide for her child. Having warnings from familyMegan continued taking risks advertising herself on Craigslist. DNA testing identified Megan Waterman first among the human remains deposited on the Gilgo Beach area.
On September 2, 2010 a former, diner waitress and devout Christian was last seen in West Babylon, New York.  The 27-year old divorcee Amber Lynn Costello found emotional therapy through her faith after a painful past. In spite of her worship Amber Lynn Costello also chosen to offer sex services online. The decision may had concluded on a fatal encounter with a local,Long Island serial killer.

Between that September toward December, 2010 Shannan Gilbert‘s family may had pressured law authorities to find their relative. As an result Blue had a service to perform, looking for the missing Shannan close to her last known location. The search for her lead police to discover the first skeleton on December 11, 2010.

On December 13th Blue’s assignment remained unfinished. With his handler Blue found the three, other bodies. Each of them left unburied, wrapped in textured burlap. On December 14thSuffolk police established a link on the four, human remains-death in the hands of a serial killer. Not long after the county received assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Shannan was not among the bodies analysts confirmed on December 16th. These were Megan,Amber Lynn and Maureen. Longing to end the mystery of Miss Gilbert‘s disappearance her family maintained hope when police resumed their search on the Gilgo Beach area.

After a long winter with numerous, snow storms cadaver dogs were put back to work. Their searching may had often proved fruitless finding unrelated debris and animal bones instead of human. Then on March 29th, 2011 there was an noteworthy discovery of a fifth set of skeletal remains. As said before these were not of Shannan.

Remembering the last time she spoke to her daughter, “I love you. Be safe”, said Mari Gilbert. The young woman had assured her mother of her caution before leaving her that final moment. The Gilbert family clings to a thin thread of hope. Could Shannan still be alive some where? This some place may still be near westbound Ocean Parkway. And it is unlikely she is alive.

Another Long Island, News 12 correspondent, Michael Baldwin was communicating an update this morning. The search for Shannan was restarted this Monday, April 4th. The investigators took advantage of the changing season. The winter’s erosion left more ground exposed. This is an advantage to the three, K-9 units in their careful shifting for evidence, for any other human remains.

Between Tobay Beach and Robert Moses Causeway westbound Ocean Parkway was closed for this painstaking search. This combing among bunches of twisting, threadbare foliage had to be completed before the spring weather take full effect. The growth of new, plant life in the long strip of beach land would complicate the searching.

Today’s date marks on the Gilgo Beach murder timeline. The search aided by cadaver dogs had proved to be fruitful-and shocking in discovery. They found three sets of human remains this afternoon. It is very likely Shannan Gilbert is one of them in the area of Gilgo State Park. The total number of human remains is eight found, there may be others. Which indicates other families besides the family of Shannan Gilbert may wondering what happened to their missing kin.

The timeline will resume tomorrow as the field investigation goes on off of Ocean Parkway west. Would it finally end when the serial killer is brought to justice and punished by law?

Shannan Gilbert is still missing. Do you believe that she is a victim of the serial killer or that it was just by chance that she went missing right near 10 dead bodies were found? We pray that Shannan Gilbert is found and  express deepest sympathy for the victims that were found near Gilgo Beach. Shannan Gilbert’s disappearance led to the findings of 10 victims, which are now believed to be the victims of just one serial killer.
Date missing:Date found:Name:
1995-19964/1/96 & 4/11/1Jane Doe #10 (or #9 Nassau)
6/24/19976/28/1997“Peaches” – Possible Connection
9/1/200011/9/00 & 4/4/11Jane Doe #6
2001-20063/29/2011John Doe #8 – Asian Man
7/18/20037/26/03 & 3/29/11Jessica Taylor
2/15/20073/3/2007“Cherries” – Possible Connection
2005-20104/4/2011Jane Doe #7 – toddler
2005-20104/11/2011Jane Doe #9 (or #10 Nassau)
7/9/200712/13/2010Maureen Brainard-Barnes
6/?/20086/27/2008Tanya Rush – Possible Connection
7/12/200912/11/2010Melissa Barthelemy
6/6/201012/13/2010Megan Waterman
9/2/201012/13/2010Amber Lynn Costello

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