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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Veronica Compton -failed model failed serial killer

Absolutely no specific information has been revealed about Compton's early history, other than she became an actress and playwright and somehow developed a fascination for serial killers. At twenty-something years old, she wrote a screenplay titled The Mutilated Cutter, which was about a female serial killer, and sentKenneth Bianchi, one of the two killers collectively referred to asThe Hillside Strangler, a copy of the script, hoping to gain his opinion about it. The two began to talk and eventually discuss about their murderous fantasies, similar to one another's in nature, and Compton fell in love with Bianchi. Bianchi took advantage of the relationship, hoping that he could convince authorities that the real Hillside Strangler was still on the loose. He invited Compton to visit him in prison, and he smuggled to her a plastic glove with a sample of his semen in it, instructing her to copycat a Hillside Strangler murder and plant the semen in the victim. Compton obeyed and went to Bellingham, Washington, with the semen in hand.
Drinking and using cocaine first, Compton then lured in an unidentified woman, driving her to a motel and inviting her into her room for a drink. But when she attempted to kill the woman, the would-be victim escaped and Compton escaped, taking a flight to San Francisco, California. However, upon arriving, she became hysterical and caused a scene in the airport. Compton also sent a letter and a tape to Bellingham authorities, claiming that Bianchi was innocent and pointing to the strangling attempt as proof that the real Hillside Strangler was still on the loose. Police were soon able to connect the police report of the attempted copycat murder to the scene Compton brought up at the airport. She was arrested and convicted in Washington, sentenced to prison with no chance of parole until 1994. Though Bianchi continued to write to her, Compton lost interest in him and fell in love with another serial killer, Douglas Daniel Clark, who, along with his wife and partner Carol M. Bundy, killed and decapitated seven women, mostly prostitutes, in Los Angeles, California; he was sentenced to death row. Clark sent her a Valentine's Day-style letter with the photo of a headless female corpse, and the two began to write to each other until sometime in 1988.

America's Worst Serial Killer Ever The Story of Billy Gohl

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