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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The first kill -Harvey Murray Glatman

Harvey Murray Glatman killed this woman, she was his first victim, Judith Ann Dull, a 19-year-old wide-eyed babydoll divorcee taking on whatever assignment she could get to pay for a lawyer in a child custody battle with her ex.
Harvey called Dull, to explain that he had seen her model before and was interested in having her pose for a layout for a popular true crime magazine. 
"Wear a tight skirt
 and sweater," he directed before hanging up.

He drove her to his "studio," actually his own apartment. Once inside, he explained that since the shots would accompany a story about bondage, he would have to illustrate by tying her up.

Waving a gun under her chin, he untied her hands and ordered her to strip slowly as he snapped her in various poses, some bound, some free, all depicting her in control of someone off-screen.

Like a movie director, he barked out, You're frightened! You're curious! Be scared, but be tempting! Lift a leg! Drop a strap! The poses varied and grew more erotic as the shoot progressed..

Harvey raped her several times, binding her limbs at the conclusion of each session. Relaxing, satisfied for the meantime, he made her sit beside him and nuzzle him on the sofa as he watched his favorite TV comedies. A few more shows, he promised, and he'd take her home.

But, Harvey had no intention of taking her anywhere except to a perfect little spot in the desert. Tying her wrists once again, he led her to his car, his gun in one hand as he steered the vehicle down the freeway. A hundred miles from Los Angeles, here in the middle of nowhere, he stopped the car. Around them was night and nature.

Pulling Dull from the car, he acted as if he was about to untie her. She sighed. Then, in a single move, he lassoed her neck, shoved her to her knees, twirled her on her belly and rung the other loop of the cord around her ankles. Pulling up, her body snapped below him. A single groan, she was dead.

But Harvey needed a few more photos by flash, something to remember his conquest. He molded Dull like a clay figure; an arm here, an arm there, a leg spread, a knee turned this way. Dead no matter how she was shaped. He wanted it to appear that way.
I love serial killers !!!!
The death photos showed the ways the killer had positioned his victims, and the psychological depravity they evidenced was deeply revolting. That a human being could so reveal the depths of his own weakness and feelings of insignificance through photographs was something investigators had not seen before.

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