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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

George Russell – Burglar turned Serial killer

George Russell – Burglar turned Serial killer

George killed three women over two months in the summer of 1990 in the state of Washington.

The first victim he left outside a McDonald’s restaurant completly naked. She had been brutally murdered and he had sexual intercourse with her corpse.

Nearly two months after the first killing, George struck again, he broke into the home of a sleeping woman and brutalized her while she was asleep. Several of her ribs were broken and she had a plastig bag tied over her head. After the killing, he stripped her nude, posing her in a pair of high heels. After this he pushed a rifle inside the victims vagina. He put a pillow over her face and placed her body towards the door so anyone entering would see the scene immediatly.

The third victim he also attacked while she was sleeping. Beating her with a baseball bat and stabbed her body over 200 times. He left her with legs spread and a vibrator stuffed into her mouth. She held the book “More Joy of Sex” under one of her arms.

Russel was caught after this third killing, he was a known burglar and became a suspect when he was arrested in possesion of items from a residence near one of the killings. The pubic hairs that were left on the victims matched his. Semen found at the crime scenes matched his. The car he used in one of killings had one of the victims blood in it. He was also sentenced on the fact that he had been in the possession of a ring he stole from one of the victims.

Being of african-american decent it was considered unusual due to the fact that all of his victims were Caucasian.

As many modern serial killer, he was a fan of Police and other serial killers, he had studied up on the subjects and sometimes even pretended to be a police officer. He admired Ted Bundy, among others, as his favourite serial killer

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This dude is sick in the head. If i was the law, i would give that sick son of a bastard the death penalty within 5 months after he was caught.