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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Dupalla Killer

Mahanand Naik, "The Dupalla Killer", left 16 women dead afer promising marriage and a visit to his parents. Always made sure they were wearing gold on that day.

The Indean serial killer has killed 16 women during 1995-2009 when he was finally arrested for raping his wife's friend.The court convicted Naik for abduction, robbery, murder and destroying evidence.

According to Goa police, Naik had be
en killing women since Sep 1994 when a woman was found hanging from a tree near Panaji. Although police made no further progress, Naik carried out at least one or two murders every few days.
America's Worst Serial Killer Ever The Story of Billy Gohl
DSP Serafin Dias said, "his modus operandi was to befriend girls with marriage proposals. He would then ask them to put on gold ornaments, saying he was taking them to meet their would-be in-laws. Once they stepped out of their homes, Naik would take them to a secluded place and strangulate them."

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