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Monday, August 13, 2012

latest news on the macabre crew

Want to know your killers better ????

Serial killer Peter Tobin 'taken to hospital with chest pains'
Peter TobinSerial killer Peter Tobin was taken to hospital yesterday after suffering chest pains.

Tobin, 65, serving three life sentences for the murders of Vicky Hamilton, Angelika Kluk and Dinah McNicol, became ill at Edinburgh's Saughton Prison yesterday afternoon.

He suffered chest pains and collapsed, unable to breathe, the Daily Record said. The killer, who had a history of missing court through illness, was reportedly taken to the city's Royal Infirmary by an ambulance under police escort. 
Son of Sam speaks out against gun violence
David BerkowitzDavid Berkowitz, one of America’s most notorious serial killers, has said from prison that 'society has to take the glory out of guns.'

The Son of Sam killer spoke to the New York Daily News from the maximum security Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, N.Y, where he's serving 25 years to life for killing six people during a terrifying 13-month shooting spree in the 1970s.

Speaking out exactly 35 years after his reign of terror ended, Berkowitz lamented the recent fatal shootings in Colorado, the mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and gun crime on New York City streets, including the shooting of a 4-year-old boy in the Bronx.

Berkowitz, 59, who terrified New York City in 1977 and is serving life in prison, called the recent mass shootings "senseless", and said from his jail cell, "Young people are losing direction and don't value life. Young people have no business carrying a gun."
Ailing 'Black Panther' serial killer Donald Neilson wanted to die, inquest hears
DeathSerial killer Donald Neilson had asked prison staff not to keep him alive if his health deteriorated, an inquest has heard.

The 75-year-old, known as the Black Panther following his 1970s murder spree, had been diagnosed with the irreversible muscle-wasting condition motor neurone disease two years before his death last year.

He died on December 18 after being transferred from Norwich Prison to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, suffering from a chest infection and pneumonia.
Wisconsin gunman's Army base had white supremacists
Wade Michael Page(CNN) -- When Wisconsin temple gunman Wade Michael Page arrived at Fort Bragg in 1995, the sprawling Army base in North Carolina already was home to a small number of white supremacists including three soldiers later convicted in the murder of an African-American couple.

The killings launched a military investigation that tightened regulations against extremist activity, but some say such influences persist in today's armed forces.

"Outside every major military installation, you will have at least two or three active neo-Nazi organizations actively trying to recruit on-duty personnel," said T.J. Leyden, a former white power skinhead in the U.S. Marines who now conducts anti-extremism training.
Metro Credits DNA for Catching Alleged Serial Killer
Cold CaseLAS VEGAS -- The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is showing video and a picture of the 62-year-old man who has been arrested on two Las Vegas cold cases.

8 News NOW uncovered the story of Nathaniel Burkett, who is accused of killing two woman dating back more than 30 years.

Metro Police said Burkett was arrested in Mississippi and has been brought to Las Vegas. He is accused in the killings of Barbara Ann Cox in April 1978 and Tina Mitchell in February 1994.
Body linked to accused serial killer may be in dump
Shawm LambThe family a Winnipeg woman who is believed to have been killed by accused serial killer Shawn Lamb say police have told them her remains are likely buried in the city dump.

Family members of Tanya Nepinak are now calling on police to search the Brady Road Landfill until the 31-year-old woman's remains are recovered.

"Nobody would want their family member or their loved one to be there. That's no final resting place for anybody," Vernon Mann, the father of Nepinak's two children, told CBC News in an exclusive interview Tuesday.
Lawyer: Bulger will take the stand during his trial
Murder(CNN) -- James "Whitey" Bulger, the reputed former Boston mob boss who was arrested last summer in California, will take the stand when his murder trial starts in March 2013, his lawyer said Monday.

Bulger faces 19 murder charges, as well as charges that include extortion, money-laundering and narcotics distribution.

"At this point in his life, his goal is to have the truth come out regarding how he was able to act with impunity for so long in the city of Boston," his lawyer Jay Carney told CNN affiliate WCVB.
Loughner pleads guilty to 19 counts in Tucson, Arizona, mass shooting
Jared LoughnerTucson, Arizona (CNN) -- Jared Lee Loughner, the alleged gunman in last year's mass shooting outside an Arizona supermarket in Tucson that killed six persons and wounded then-U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 19 charges in exchange for the government not seeking the death penalty.

Under the plea deal, Loughner will be sentenced to life in prison with no eligibility for parole, federal prosecutors said. His sentencing is scheduled for November 15, prosecutors said.

In court, Loughner also waived his right to pursue an insanity defense.
Suspected serial killer owns cabin in Constable
Israel KeyesAn Anchorage man who owns property in Constable in Franklin County is jailed in Alaska on charges that he murdered an 18-year-old woman and extorted a ransom from her family. But he is not just an accused murderer; some, including law enforcement, believe he could be a serial killer.

Israel Keyes, 34, was arrested in March in Texas, extradited to Alaska and subsequently charged with the Feb. 1 murder of 18-year-old Samantha Koenig, who worked as a barista in Anchorage at the time of her death. Alaska-based NBC affiliate KTUU reported April 2 that her body was discovered in a lake near Anchorage that same day.

Keyes is also a suspect in a double homicide in Vermont in 2011, and could be under the microscope for another 2011 murder in New Hampshire. 
Sikh temple shooting suspect Wade Michael Page was white supremacist
Wade Michael Page(AP) OAK CREEK, Wis. - Before he strode into a Sikh temple with a 9mm handgun and multiple magazines of ammunition, Wade Michael Page played in white supremacist heavy metal bands with names such as Definite Hate and End Apathy.

The bald, heavily tattooed bassist was a 40-year-old Army veteran who trained in psychological warfare before he was demoted and discharged more than a decade ago.

When the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in suburban Milwaukee ended, six victims ranging in age from 39 to 84 years old lay dead. Three others were critically wounded, including Oak Creek Police Officer Lt. Brian Murphy.
Authorities seek to ID remains that may be victims of serial killers
Wesley ShermantineInvestigators are trying to identify the remains of a teenager and a fetus discovered earlier this year in a Linden well where two bodies were found to be victims of the men known as the "Speed Freak Killers."

It is the same well where the remains of Stockton residents Kimberly Billy and Joann Hobson were found in February. Billy and Hobson both went missing in the 1980s as teenagers.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office announced Thursday it has completed processing the evidence involving the remains of Billy and Hobson. Their remains will be returned home to their loved ones, Deputy Les Garcia wrote in an email.

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