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Monday, August 13, 2012

Will more victims be found connected to the alleged killer of Mickey Shunick?

Will more victims be found connected to the alleged killer of Mickey Shunick?

Brandon Lavergne and his mom, Cynthia
 This is what I got so far:

I did not originally include men in the below list, as Brandon was accused of killing two woman.  BUT, as more info surfaces, I am wondering if I should have added them.

Is it possible Brandon is responsible for his Uncle's death in 1999?

It is a little confusing to follow the below info, so keep in mind you may have to read it a couple of times.  :-)   AND once again, I am NOT saying that Brandon is responsible for any other killings and I am aware that he has not even had a trial yet, so he an alleged killer.

Claire Gianfala, (the woman that has been telling the media that BSL stalked her) Ellis  Slocum and Kevin Atchinson were in a traffic accident on June 19, 1999 that resulted in Kevin Atchinson's death.   Kevin Atchinson was suppose to be driving per the police report.

Lisa Pate's body was found under the floor boards of the house that Kevin Atchinson lived in, but please note that Lisa reportedly died of asphyxiation on July 3, 1999 and Kevin had died June 19, 1999.  Lisa Pate, per police, was murdered by Brandon.

Leander "Black" Venable is Brandon's uncle.  Black Venable, 65, was a butcher and he was found murdered in his home on March 1, 1999.    I cannot find anything on this case and cannot verify it was a murder or not.  

Previous story -

Brandon Scott Lavergne, 33, of Church Point, La., was indicted Wednesday for first-degree murder of missing Michaela "Mickey" Shunick, reports USA Today.

Lavergne was also indicted for the murder of Lisa Pate, 35, of Youngsville, La., who went missing in 1999.  Her body was found under some large boards in a field near Church Point.

The warrants for Lavergne shows Lavergne's address as 143 Elaine Lane, Church Point and a work address of 2550 Bellechasse Hwy, Gretna, La., which is a staffing company.

Note: Youngsville, La. is about 30 minutes away from Layfayette where Mickey disappeared.  Church Point is about 25 minutes away from Layfayette.  Although Lisa was released from jail in November 1998 in Lafayette and she was know to frequent that area and Lake Charles. 

Also, in 1999, while Lavergne was serving in the Army at Fort Polk he sexually assaulted a woman in Evangeline Parish.  He was driving a '93 Ford pickup with La. license plate of S074500.  (Note: Police collected DNA (sperm from a washcloth) at the scene.  This evidence may have been what helped them connect Lavergne to Pate.)

in April, Lavergne married Lainey Vasseur in September 1999.  Lainey left him after several assault incidences.  They divorced after he went to jail in October 2000 for the assault on Parish.

In February 2000, Lavergne pleaded guilty to the the battery charge of Parish and served 8 years, getting out in April of 2008.

What a lot of people don't know about Lavergne is that he has has friends and relatives in Texas, and in particular, Highland, Texas which is in Harris County.  Harris County and Montgomery County are right next to each other and according to a reader when I was writing up the Missing Texas Forty article,  Harris and Montgomery Counties overlap.

Lavergne reported his Chevrolet Z71 pickup truck stolen from Montgomery County, Texas.  He was also in the Spring, Texas (Harris/Montgomery County) to rent a car, after he abandoned his truck in Coldspring, Texas in San Jacinto County.  Spring is an hour away from Coldspring.

Looking at this map, Coldspring, Texas is A and B is Highlands, Texas is where is relatives live.  Notice that New Caney, The Woodlands, Spring, Liberty, Conroe and Cleveland, which is a half hour a way and in the middle between Coldspring and Highlands.  This is the area where there is a high number of people missing. (Click here to read about those people).   Please also note, that near Coldspring is the Sam Houston National Forest and above Coldspring is Lake Livingston.   Two very good places to hide "things".

So, Lavergne rented a vehicle in Coldspring and drove it to Lafayette where he ended up buying another truck, which is were Mickey Shunick was from.

So, I decided to look at my Missing Texas Forty for any females that went missing around 1995 to 2000, which would put Lavergne around 20 years old and from April 2008, when he was let out of jail, till now.  If you remember, I was searching for a common denominator for all these missing people when I originally wrote the story and what I came up with was they were all walking except for one.  Not one of them has been reported on a bicycle, but Pate was not riding a bicycle and Micky was.   I only listed women regardless of age.

This is what I found:

Tina Bowen, 18, from Conroe, Texas (Montgomery County) 7-14-1997

Michelle Prasek, 12, from Spring, Texas (Montgomery County) 12-19-1997

I show many missing people from this point on, but Lavergne was in jail, so I started again in May 2008.  Please note that Lavergne worked as an offshore worker and those periods of time need to be taken in to account.  At this time, I do not know positively his schedule, but I am theorizing it was either 7 on and 7 off or 14 on and 14 of.   KATC reported he was offshore for the last two weeks, so it may be the latter.  

Amber Gallagher, 15, The Woodlands, Texas (Montgomery County) 5/23/2008

Samantha Schauer, 25, Conroe, Texas (Montgomery County) 11/23/2009

Aexandria "Ali" Joy Lowitzer, 16, Spring Texas, (Montgomery/Harris County) 4/26/2010

Theresa Green, 40, Splendora, Texas, (Montgomery County) 9/1/2011 (seen driving off with male and female in 97 Ford F150 Truck)

Lesa McKinley, 17, Spring, Texas, Montgomery/Harris County) 9/21/2011 (driving her car).

MaKayla Taber, 24, Spring, Texas (Montgomery/Harris County) 3/7/12

Dina Weston, 42, Spring,Texas (Montgomery/Harris County) 3//13/2012

By listing these women, I am not implying that Lavergne is responsible for their disappearance, but I do believe that the police should consider it.  Further research today, showed me that I was not the only one thinking this way as according to an article by the Independent, many other enforcement agencies have been contacted the Lafayette PD. 

“We have been contacted by other agencies regarding the arrest and have shared information,” Lafayette Police Department spokesman Paul Mouton writes in an email response to The Independent’s questions about Lavergne's potential involvement in other crimes. “I cannot confirm the agencies that have contacted us in this investigation."

And Police also told the Independent that items retrieved from Lavergne’s home after his July 5 arrest were bloodied pictures he took of himself and an undisclosed number of women’s IDs.

Will these photos be of missing women from  Montgomery or Liberty Counties?

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